About Us

My name is Yalchin Halil. I was brought up in UK and have owned Ferraris and Porsches for the past 34 years. I settled in Cyprus in Kyrenia district and have enjoyed a semi-retirement. Lack of any decent car showroom especially a car enthuisiast as myself was very frustrating indeed. Combining my hobby and business experience together I formed Tech911.

An obvious choice was to open my ideal showroom in Kyrenia district matching the best in UK here in Cyprus. It is my intention to bring the best and finest Porsche has to offer, and that is the brand new Techart brand of cars. I also intend to bring in brand new Ferraris, Mclarens, Bentleys and Rolls Royces. You no longer need to import your dream because its here in Kyrenia.

Yalcin Halil
Cyprus Porsche